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In our 37 years we've tackled a wide variety of projects for area manufacturers.

While we're absolutely capable of "making it to fit the print", what we really value is collaborating with our customers.  Often a few questions or suggestions can reveal opportunities for reducing costs and or lead time, and we've found that people in the business of making things are especially appreciative of this approach.

Carbide inserted wear guide, hardened and ground guide roll, and custom index plate.
Used in wire drawing operation.
Custom replacement part.
Holders for TiN coating operation.
Holder for coating operation. 
Nozzle for shot peening facility.  Hardened D-2 with brazed carbide wear surfaces.
Adapter for pump.  Naval brass.
8" diameter D-2.  (Before grinding)
1018 material.  Internal keyway into a blind hole.
3" dia x 59" long 4140 ht.
 This was a one-off: cam drive linkage for a windshield wiper motor.  (Okay, not an industrial customer....but a neat piece of work!)
Production jobs - natural Acetal and UHMW
Collet storage trays - 40" x 18"
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